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The Association Campings de Lleida groups together 48 mountain and inland campsites in the Lands of Lleida. All of them offer a wide range of accommodation possibilities in the middle of nature with modern facilities and all kinds of services to meet the needs of the most demanding campers.


Bungalows & SNOW

january 2023
Escape, slide, ride… and let yourself go to the snow with BUNGALOWS & SNOW. Over 250 cabins, fully equiped rustic bungalows, strategically located in thePyreneesand Pre-Pyrenees, are awaiting for you this winter. If you practice any kind of skiing, you will find...

Autumn getaways

september 2022
When autumn arrives in the lands of Lleida, magic happens. Things are seen in a different light, another color, and that affects everything: in campsites, in forests full of mushrooms, in the mountains, in gastronomy... In this article of National...

Finally summer!

june 2022
  We know that a place where you live well is a good place for tourism. Relaxing vacation, activities, disconnection, nature, gastronomy and culture. Enjoy endless posibilities this summer!

June is time for witches and minairons

june 2022
One of the twelve tasks of Hercules was to kill Geryon and steal his flocks. While he was going through the Iberian peninsula he met Pirene, princess of the Bebricians who was besieged by Geryon. Hercules and Pirene fell madly...

Follow the green route of Campings Bike&Run

may 2022
Since we started with the routes Campings Bike&Run our inspiration, love and passion for mountain bike (MTB), trail running and hiking in the Lleida Pyrenees keeps growing. Each new route, each coming season and each person who shares his...